Fifty Fun Facts

Why hello y’all! I don’t know about where you are, but it’s currently raining here in Houston, TX on this dreary Tuesday morning. I really think that forget how to drive when water begins to fall from the sky. It took me several extra minutes to get to work even though I left 5 minutes earlier than yesterday! Oh well, moving right along. Today I thought it would be fun to share 50 super fun and completely random facts about yours truly. I personally love reading these kinds of posts on other blogs, so I thought that y’all may enjoy it here. Besides, I have seriously gained so much lovin’ and followers over just the past month, and this seems like the perfect way to tell you a little bit about myself. So here it goes!

  1. My favorite food is broccoli.
  2. Peanut butter comes in at a close second. Peanut Butter Co. White Chocolate Wonderful is my favorite amongst peanut butters.
  3. I do not like cheese. Especially cold cheese. I do like and will eat hot cheese under some circumstances. Maybe I’ll dive into details on another day.
  4. I am an Aggie. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2009 and couldn’t be more proud of my University!
  5. I love football. The Aggies and the Green Bay Packers may give me a heart attack one day 🙂
  6. I was born on an army base: Ft. Stewart, GA.
  7. I also lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia before calling Texas home at the age of almost 9.
  8. I currently live in Houston, TX.
  9. I hate driving. Anywhere.
  10. I am beyond terrified of the dark and snakes. REALLY afraid.
  11. I do not watch scary movies…ever.
  12. I was a competitive cheerleader from 5th grade until I was a sophomore in college. I was pretty good at it too.
  13. Texas A&M does have cheerleaders. It’s a competition squad. I was on it for 2 years.
  14. I am Catholic.
  15. I believe in fitness and being active.
  16. I love waking up and feeling sore. To me, it is a sign of strength, determination and commitment.
  17. I am a certified fitness instructor and was taught by the best at Texas A&M University. 
  18. I hope to become a personal trainer one day.
  19. I work for an IT consulting firm.
  20. I’m not an IT nerd. I do back office sales support a.k.a. keep our sales executives in line and following the rules.
  21. Some days I love my job and some days I just want to cry. {Oh wait, that’s just real life isn’t it?}
  22. I started dating my husband when I was 19. We were really immature. I am so thankful that we grew together instead of apart!
  23. I got married at the age of 22.
  24. I truly believe that when you know, you know. Yes, some people judge. I believe they’re just jealous 🙂
  25. My husband, mom and sister are my best friends. My world would not be the same without any of them.
  26. I love my sweet puppy Maggie. She is my child and will continue to be my only child for several years.
  27. I am the oldest of 4 children. 2 girls and 2 boys.
  28. I would do anything for my family and friends. They are what make my world go ’round.
  29. I severely fractured my arm when I was in 5th grade…roller blading. One bone came through my skin and the other shattered {ulna and radius}
  30. Both of my arms are double jointed. The arm mentioned above is now even more double jointed.
  31. I have been on crutches once. I sprained my ankle at cheerleading. I was on crutches at the same time as my sister. Poor mom…
  32. My eyes change colors.
  33. Giraffes, elephants and seals are my favorite zoo animals in that order.
  34. My husband promised he’d take me to the zoo soon. I can’t wait.
  35. I have the coolest in-laws. No lies. I know you’re jealous. I am so lucky.
  36. My sister-in-law aka sister is less than a month younger than my sister and I adore her.
  37. If I could live anywhere in the US besides Texas, it would be Washington, D.C. I adore that place.
  38. I love to read. My favorite book is Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. 
  39. I am obsessed with the Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games series. 
  40. I am a total girly girl and always have been. Just ask my mom. What kid needs to sit on their parents feet when they’re in the sandbox so their bottom won’t get dirty…at the age of 2?
  41. As I get older, I realize more and more how much traveling means to me. I would rather spend money on that then clothes.
  42. I really enjoy buying clothes.
  43. I am a runner.
  44. I love the Disney Princesses and still want to be one when I grow up. Belle is my fave.
  45. I truly enjoy cooking, but have found that I enjoy it even more when cooking others.
  46. I am really loud and often times, my filter doesn’t work.
  47. I still sleep with my stuffed animal Bowzer. He is a member of the fam.
  48. I am very strong willed. Anyone who knows me would probably say it’s sheer stubborn hard-headedness. And yes, I get it from both of my parents…you heard that mom and dad!
  49. I prefer warm weather to cold; sunshine to rain; humidity to dryness; and south to north. Clearly a Texas girl.
  50. I believe in humanity and that good people still do exist.

There you have it! 50 very random, not-so interesting facts about me! Now you think I am a total freak bad a$$ and you want to keep reading right? Well, I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me. Feel free to ask any questions about all of my weird tendencies…I do realize I’m a bit…special 🙂

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Miscellany Monday

Whew…what a weekend! It definitely flew by and this morning is flying by as well. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit all over the place today. I have lots of updates and little time, so today I’m linking up with Carissa at lowercase letters for Miscellany Monday!

One of my best friends since I was 9 years old, Kristin, came to visit me this weekend! It was an absolutely fun filled girls weekend while the hubs was in Galveston having his winter Fantasy Football guys weekend 🙂 {He’s really cool by the way ;)} Read more about Kristin here and here!
While the hubs was gone, Kristin and I ate good food {Chuy’s – Mexican; Pronto – Italian; Crave – Sushi; Daddy Timmer’s house – BBQ), took Miss Maggie on several walks, spent time out in the sunshine, enjoyed a few adult beverages and went out to celebrate Luke’s birthday, and spent time with my parents on Sunday. All in all we had a great time and I can’t wait for her to come back to see Luke Bryan at the rodeo on March 3rd!!! I’ll post more pictures from Luke’s birthday celebration once I get all of them. I was bad and barely brought my camera out this weekend!
Kristin H. – me – Kathy – Kristin C. out celebrating Luke’s birthday!
The house is starting to come along nicely! Our living room is painted and the guest bedroom is completely decorated! The guest bedroom is our next painting project. We’ll probably try to get started on it this weekend…I haven’t told the hubs this yet, but he’ll find out when he’s bored at work and reading my blog this afternoon 🙂
After thoroughly enjoying buddy week at Camp Gladiator last week, I signed up for the next session! This means I get to finish out this session (this week) and then I have 4 weeks of camp from February 13th – March 10th! This morning’s work out was killer on the arms and was a great start to a fresh, new week! I’m aiming to share an awesome arm workout with you this week. Get excited.
I love Monday’s after work because I get to spend them with my momma. Last Monday, we went to Garden Ridge and found some decor for my guest bedroom and then hung out and watched The Bachelor. Tonight we’re going to attempt to make my tutu for the Disney Princess half marathon that is in 4 short weeks! Once we’ve determined that my tutu is a success, we’ll get to work on Julie and Andrea’s! Oh and you know that we’ll be watching The Bachelor, gossiping and eating the yummy lasagna that my momma is making me for dinner!
Mine and my momma’s fave this season!
I’m looking forward to seeing my wonderful in-laws next weekend and showing them our new home for the first time! Hopefully we can get a few more things on the walls before they come!
I promised a recipe for my yummy Balsamic Portabello Mushroom Caps, so here you go!

Balsamic Portabello Mushroom Caps

  • 2 large portabello mushroom caps
  • 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tbsp garlic
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp basil
  • 1/2 tsp oregano


  1. Mix together above ingredients in a small bowl {excluding mushroom caps}
  2. Place mushroom caps in a shallow dish and pour mixture from step 1 over top
  3. Place shallow dish in the fridge and allow mushrooms to soak up the mixture for about 30 minutes. {You may want to flip the mushrooms about halfway through to ensure mushroom is fully coated}
  4. After 30 minutes, remove from fridge and place on the grill. You can used a regular grill, but even a George Foreman works great!
  5. Cook for 10 minutes or until tender.
  6. Remove and enjoy!

You can eat these as is or enjoy it as a burger {I would add some guacamole to it!}

I hope everyone has a wonderful {and quick} Monday!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

My Friday Fancies Blog Swap featuring April, Maybe!

Hi, readers of A Glimpse of the Gouglers! I’m April from april, maybe and I’m swapping blogs with Amy today as well as linking up with {av}! How exciting!

Amy and I picked out one item to style in our own separate ways! Yay for individuality and all that. 😉 We picked these amazing combat boots (which I would honestly give my left pinky finger for – they’re gorgeous!), and I paired mine with these two dresses. I couldn’t pick just one. I’m all about mustard yellow and red right now, obviously. Even as different as the dresses are, I’d wear them in pretty much the same way – black bag, tights, and simple, fun jewelry! What do you think?

Thanks April! I’m definitely loving April’s outfit! Don’t forget to head over to april, maybe to see what I put together so you can compare and contrast! If you’re one of April’s readers…thanks for stopping by! Feel free to stick around and stay for a while 🙂
Happy Friday y’all!
Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Navy or Maroon

Slowly, we are making it to Friday. I wish today was Friday and them my Kristin would be coming to see me TODAY…but no…Friday is not today, it is tomorrow. I guess that’s okay becuase I really need to get some work done in the house since I got absolutely NOTHING done yesterday. Seriously, I got off work later than anticipated, drove in the rain to spend far too much time in Target, got home STARVING, had a glass of wine, made dinner {for one}, ate, collapsed on the couch while Maggie tried to play tug-o-war with me and proceeded to pass out at 8:30pm while watching a re-run of Toddlers and Tiaras. No lie. {P.S. Kristin I PROMISE I’ll call you today…sorry I’m a jerk.}

Anyways…on to what I really want to talk about today. I need some help. I can’t decide exactly how I want to decorate my downstairs guest bathroom. Today it is white…very white. It’s crisp and clean with no decoration except for a “G” towel hook which is also white. When my parents came over this weekend, my mom mentioned that it would look pretty with navy as the accent color and potentially some nautical details. I loved this idea. Then she threw me for a loop and decided to give me another idea. The entry way to our home is kind of Texan and rustic with a sign that says ‘Howdy Y’all’, hooks that say Howdy, a ‘Welcome to the Gougler’s’ sign on a piece of wood from the rodeo, you get the picture. Her new idea was to continue this theme into the bathroom and use maroon {Texas A&M} as the accent. Any thoughts?

Here is what the bathroom looks like today:

On the opposite wall is a white medicine cabinet. The white ‘G’ hook is now to the left of the mirror.

It’s a pretty simple space, but I definitely want to spice it up. Now let’s talk about my NAVY ideas:

{Source} I could paint the walls navy or leave them white!

{Source} Decorative navy {possibly nautical} towels over the rack above the toilet
{Source} I would find some art for the large wall and I like the wicker basket with rolled towels for on top of the cabinet I intend to buy!

 Now on to MAROON:

{Source} I like the wrought iron and the Texas Star. I would add in some Aggie decor.
{Source} We would definitely need a new piece of Benjamin Knox’s Aggie artwork!

I would have decorative maroon accent towels along with some wroght iron/Texas Aggie artwork. It would not be overly Texas just a little country chic similar to our entry way.

Here is something similar to what I’m thinking about getting for the bathroom to store towels and place decor on the top!

{Source} I like the idea of glass doors because the towels I buy will be either navy or maroon and the color will pop through!

Sooo…any thoughts? Navy or Maroon??? Nautical or Rustic??? I need your help. I like both ideas so I won’t be offended if you dislike either. Any other ideas for what I could do with this space? I’m up for ideas! Thanks in advance for your help. I need it.

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Loving Pin Day!

What I’m Loving and Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday I am so glad that you are here! Yesterday didn’t quite turn out the way that I planned, so I need a bit of positivity and less stress in my life. Oh and let’s talk about last night for just a second. I woke up around 1:30am thanks to nature’s calling and COULD NOT go back to sleep. I tossed and turned until about 3:45am. Why you ask? The crazy, howling winds in Houston decided to seep through a small gap in the corner of one of the bedroom windows{yeah, didn’t know that was there}. Despite my lack of ability to sleep{the hubs slept right through it, except for when I woke him up to slam the window shut}, I still crawled out of bed at 5:00am and made it to Camp Gladiator! So here’s to turning negatives into positives. I’m linking up with Jamie and Michelle!

I’m loving morning work outs with Camp Gladiator!

I’m loving being able to cook in my kitchen again! For lunch I had a tomato, basil and mozzrella panini and ayummy Grilled Balsamic Portabello Mushroom for dinner! Recipe to come soon!

I’m loving working from home on Tuesdays so I can see my husband some and have lunch with him at least one day of the week while he’s working afternoons.

I’m loving that my house is started to come together. I cleaned up a lot of the mess from my study last night and it feels good to see the floor again!

I’m loving that all of my shows are currently on t.v…Dance Moms, Biggest Loser, Pretty Little Liars, The Bachelor, Toddlers and Tiaras…guilty pleasure.


I’m loving that it’s exactly a month until I am at Disney World with 3 of my favorite people.

I’m loving PINTEREST!!!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Love Harry Potter

Source: via Amy on Pinterest


Source: via Amy on Pinterest

You can’t see me!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I have an old desk that I’m dying to spice up!

Navy bathroom…I’m thinking Navy & White for our guest!

I don’t particularly care for Valentine’s day, but I love pink and sweets 🙂

Skinny Buttermilk Chocolate Chip Scones

I’m loving my hard working, loving, comforting husband and adorable puppy!

What are you loving this Wednesday? I have some awesome recipes to post tomorrow along with an easy kettle bell work out you can do at home! Get excited! Have a great day y’all!
Until next time…
With love and God bless,

In case you run out of motivation

I found this on Pinterest and decided it couldn’t be more true.

My friend Megan invited me to buddy week at Camp Gladiator {a boot camp}, so the hubs and I went with her yesterday morning. I absolutely loved it. I had a feeling that was going to be the case. I taught boot camp at Texas A&M with my dear friend Lauren my senior year. I really miss it. Going to Camp Gladiator brought back those memories and reminded me why I love it so much. I love the challenge. I love challenging myself. I love challenging others. I love others challenging me. The trainer pushed me to sprint as hard as I could by racing me on my last {and the longest} suicide run. I’m not a sprinter, but I ran my bootie off to make sure I kept up with her. I loved the challenge! I’m very excited to go back this evening. I think pairing something like boot camp with my running will put a positive impact on my running, endurance and body tone. Hopefully later down the road…..I’ll be able to teach it as well! Just dreaming and hoping right now, but we’ll see where all of this takes me.

In honor of me feeling so motiviated today, I hope some of these motivate you as well. So get off the couch, pry yourself away from the computer, put down the cupcake, get out there and do something active today!

And when it comes to fitness, remember this!

Be proud to be healthy not skinny!

I hope that this motivates someone to go out and do something today! Whenever I don’t want to workout, I always ask my hubby to push me because after I do I A.L.W.A.Y.S. feel better. Even if he knows I’m going to be made at him, he’ll push me. I always thank him later. After work, I’m off to Camp Gladiator, what will you being doing today?

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Please define Rest and Relaxation.

Let’s talk about this weekend. I’ve officially decided that the words rest and relaxation are made up. Kind of like oooga booga or tiddliwinks. Seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I like being busy. The problem is that being busy on the weekend makes it go by too fast, hence the reason we all think that they get shorter and shorter. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. Time flies when you’re having fun and it’s safe to say that I would rather my life be fast and fun than slow and boring!

My lovely weekend started out with a Home Goods, Pier One and dinner date with Nicole! It’s was fun to go in the stores and swoon over all the goodies. I’ll definitely be heading back soon to make some actual purchases as my home comes together. After shopping, we went to The Counter which is kind of a gourmet, custom built burger grill! I loved it! I had a turkey burger on a wheat bun with grilled onions, organic mixed greens, tomatoes, corn & black bean salsa and a garlic spread on the side. I definitely recommend it and will be taking the hubs there in the near future. I went home after dinner thinking I would veg for the evening until the hubs got off work (at 11pm), but instead I got a call from my friends saying we were going out for our friend Colin’s birthday. I quickly got ready and met up with them. It was so great to see all of my Sugar Land friends!

Saturday morning started off with an ab and push up workout {blog post coming soon!} and then a shower followed by a Luna Bar and coffee for breakfast. Not a bad start, I then proceeded to tackle this mess:

After a few hours of sorting through the craziness and running up and down all of our stairs, I seemed to have put a small dent in the amount of progress made. Nothing too radical here, but it’s slowly but surely becoming functional. My parents cam over around noon and helped us start hanging things on walls! My house is starting to look like a home y’all! We worked hard for several hours before it was time for the hubs and I to get ready for a baby shower.

Baby Braden is expected to enter this big world on February 28th! I am so excited for our friends Rusty and Kat. The hubs knows Rusty from college!
Now aren’t these decorations so cute! The cupcakes were delish. The food was “Baby-Q” themed so we had hamburger and buffalo chicken sliders as well as mini hot dogs!

Here is a picture of us back home after all of the festivities! I curled my hair with my straightener for the first time and I’m going to brag a bit because it turned out great! Thanks for teaching me Leah!

Sunday started bright and early with a 4 mile run. JP decided to join me and since I’m currently doing some slower runs, it was nice because we were able to chat throughout our 4 miles. After that we showered, had breakfast at West Gray Cafe, went furniture shopping with Nicole and then went grocery shopping! Almost $200 later, we officially have a stocked pantry, fridge and freezer! I am so ready to cook in my new house. So that is exactly what we did! I made a yummy dinner of Italian turkey sausage, bell peppers {green and red}, yellow onion, zucchini, Rotel and garlic all sauteed in olive oil. I also included a lovely salad and baguette on the side! The baguette had a drizzle of olive oil, Rotel and a tid bit of mozzarella on top!

Yummy! Oh and obviously, I couldn’t forget the wine!

A great end to a busy weekend that’s for sure! What did you do this weekend? Any time to relax?
I hope y’all are all having an awesome Monday {it’s almost halfway over!}

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Drum Roll Please…

…and the winner of my blog-iversary giveaway is…………………………….

Aubrey Laine!!!

Congrats girl! Send me your mailing address at acgougler {at} gmail {dot} com! I’ll ship off all of your goodies as soon as possible! Thanks so much for follow me and I hope you enjoy my ramblings 🙂 I truly appreciate all of my followers, whether you keep up with me via facebook, e-mail or Google friend connect. I love that you all have decided to stick with me over the past year, months, weeks or days. However long you’ve been reading, THANK YOU! I love writing and this is such a great outlet for me to be me!

I’ll be back later today with an interesting weekend recap!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

12 Months of Miss Maggie

My oh my where has time gone! As I write this {Thursday night}, one year ago, the hubs and I were driving back to Pittsburgh from New Philadelphia, OH with an addition to our family. Prepare to be bombarded with pictures cuteness! But really, there’s a lot of pictures. With so many to choose from it’s hard to narrow it down. I hope you enjoy a quick glimpse into this last year with our baby girl, Maggie!

Maggie has officially been a part of our family for a year! I honestly can’t believe how much my life revolves around her. I love her more than I could ever imagine. She’s my child, my fur baby 🙂

First time at her new home in Pittsburgh!

Her cute little stance. She still does this!

Maggie’s first experience with snow. She kept sniffing it up her nose!

She passes out in the weirdest positions.

Maggie’s first Valentine’s Day with her new toy from her Gougler Grandparents!

This sweet face just melts my heart. Oh and how about those ears?

So silly

She went through a phase where she loved being under the couch. She still tries to get under there and it’s sad ever time she doesn’t succeed. Little girl is growing up.

She’s our little snuggle bunny. She loves blankets and her daddy!
She graduated from puppy class and then went on to Intermediate…then she got bored 🙂

Her very first Easter and egg hunt!
Maggie love to run. She could go on forever. She’s my little Energizer Bunny!

Always helpin’ her momma in the kitchen!

Crazy eyes!

Baths may be her least favorite thing in the world. I’m interested to see if she starts to like water when the Houston summer comes along!

“Rub my belly!”

I love Maggie and I love Bananas…obviously she should be a banana for Halloween!

Modeling for Dad and I on the Montour Trail in Pittsburgh.

She really misses her best friends Maria and Matt in Pittsburgh and can’t wait until they come visit this summer!!!

Enjoying a toy from her Timmer Grandparents on her first Christmas as a Gougler!

Maggie gets to have her first visit to her new home on Saturday. I can’t wait to have her here with us! I’m ready for our family to be back together again!

Do you have any fur babies? I’m not crazy for being so obsessed, am I? HA, yeah right. That’s impossible. After all, dogs are {wo}man’s best friend! I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL FRIDAYYY!!! Enjoy your weekend, be safe and enter my GIVEAWAY! You have until Monday morning around 8am Central Time!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Before the mess…

What it’s Thursday already? I didn’t even have Monday off, but I feel like this week is flying by! YES! I’m not going to lie, I definitely woke up this morning and thought it was Monday. I was clearly happy enthralled when I realized that in fact it was Thursday which makes tomorrow Friday. Hooray for early morning delusions! Today I am going to share with you a few before pictures of our new home!!! I’m super excited that we now have our belongings, but let me tell you, our house is a MESS! Stuff is everywhere! It’s safe to say the study is the worst and if I’m feeling brave enough, I may just share a picture of it for you. Moving isn’t exactly fun or stress free, but I’m excited to be in a new place to call ours and home! I’m also excited that we’ll be living here for longer than a year! I haven’t done that since 2005 🙂

Now without further ado, a brief tour of my home…BS: Before Stuff

First floor

Laundry “room” is behind those white doors! Luckily there is quite a bit of cabinet storage space above the washer and dryer!

Includes a standing glass shower across from the potty 🙂

Downstairs guest room which will be turned into a study! We’re also getting a new door that will include a doggy door at the bottom for Miss Maggie. She’s going to be so excited!

We have a cute little space that actually wraps around all 3 sides of the house! Lots of runway space for our little girl.

Second floor

Can’t wait to get a new table for this space!

Please excuse my mess 🙂 Pantry door is going to be painted red!

Love my pantry and all the space so I decided to share this with y’all as well!

 Third floor

Loving my space!

Apparently I’m a big dummy and I didn’t actually take pictures of the upstairs except for this one in my bedroom. I’m going to go ahead and assume I got distracted by something. It probably wasn’t even that big of a deal, but some days I have the attention span of a chicken nugget. OOOPS!  The third floor includes the master suite, reading nook area, guest bedroom and full guest bathroom! I guess I’ll just have to show y’all the finished product as opposed a before and after…silly me.

That’s all I have for y’all today! After work, I’ll be running off some steam followed by a glass of wine and spending more time sorting through my mess and trying to get things into place! The pup comes home on Saturday and I need to make sure most things are out of her reach. I’m so excited to have her visit her new house and to have her home with me. I’m ready for some sort of normality to sink in. Slowly but surely it will come!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway 🙂 Winner will be announced Monday morning!

Until next time…
 With love and God bless,